A message from the SA Twin Cities Chair

posted Feb 5, 2017, 9:22 AM by Ron W
I just wanted to update the TC members that we are making scholarship funds available for the Women's conference to be held in Washington DC in early May. Intergroup will hold a meeting in Feb with date to be announced for all female members who wish to take part.
We also are planning a retreat this winter in Whalan MN with a step work theme. It will be on a Saturday afternoon to Sunday morn. We will meet for breakfast and then caravan to Whalan at the Cedar Valley Resort. The program will start after we are settled in. We will prepare our own meals. We will have a number of beds available and cost will be more reasonable by sharing bedrooms. Because we have separate sleeping facilities all members can attend if they wish.
Lastly, no one stepped up to serve as next years officers so the current group agreed to serve another term. It is an honor to serve as your intergroup chair but I am done after this next year so someone else can enjoy the service. Please get back to us at the TC website or call me at 651-408-4755 about our retreat or the Women's conference funds .
Yours in recovery, Mark P